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Understanding the Role of a Parent Coordinator Decision Maker

The Key Player in Co-Parenting

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Sometimes, disputes between you and your co-parent may still continue long after your divorce or allocation of parental responsibilities (custody) case is over.

I have worked in Family Law for more than 17 years, and throughout that time, I have seen and handled many high-conflict situations. As a mediator and attorney, I believe in the potential of effective problem-solving and peaceful resolution, particularly when it comes to co-parenting.

When parents are likely to experience future conflict, or if parents feel they would like a method of resolving future disputes without involving the court, you may want to involve a Parenting Coordinator and/or Decision Maker.

PCDM lawyers are trained professionals to facilitate peaceful resolutions of Family Law disputes. Their job involves helping couples create a safe space to freely share their concerns, perspectives and ideas without feeling intimidated.

The Mediation attorney plays a big role in ensuring that both parents comply with the agreements and orders previously made. They ensure effective communication while maintaining a peaceful environment between both parties and are experts at creating a parenting plan that will be in the best interest of children, resolving conflicts, and helping families maintain healthy, stable relationships.

That is why Parent Mediation services would be a great help in high-conflict cases, like custody battles, domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health disorders or financial problems.

The Expertise of a Mediation Attorney

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A PCDM lawyer works as a mediator to facilitate an agreement between parents that considers the rights and needs of the children and strives to reach a fair and just resolution benefiting all parties involved.

A PCDM attorney can be appointed by the court or chosen by both parents with mutual agreement. Once appointed, the Parent Mediation lawyer will closely work with both parties, facilitating communication, drafting a parenting plan, and even acting as a dispute-resolver. They can issue decisions based on the terms parents had previously agreed on.

As your PDCM lawyer, I go the extra mile to offer support and guidance for any co-parenting challenges those involved may have, making the process as less stressful as possible.

Feel free to get in touch with me at Boney Law Firm if you need Parent Coordination Decision-Maker services.

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