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Probate Guidance You Can Rely On

Losing a loved one is never easy, and dealing with all the legalities of their estate during such a hard time can really add to the stress. I understand the emotional toll these situations can take. That's why I am here to step in and lighten your load.


As your probate lawyer, I deal with sorting out the distribution of assets with empathy, professionalism, and a keen understanding of Colorado's probate process. 


Whether it's validating a will, identifying and valuing properties, or even mediating disputes over the estate, I've got your back.

Why Having A Probate Attorney Matters


Let's face it, this legal process of inheritance can feel like a complex maze, especially when you're also grappling with the loss of a loved one. That's where I come in like your personal GPS through this intricate journey, offering expert advice.


Imagine having someone who knows the inner workings of the legal system like the back of their hand. That's what I can bring to the table. I'm here to speed up the process, saving you from all those unnecessary headaches and helping to save your precious time.

Estate Management

When it comes to dividing up an estate, disagreements can sometimes pop up among beneficiaries. But don't worry, I act as a mediator, smoothing over these disputes to guarantee a fair distribution of inheritance–making sure everything is handled justly.

Walking Through the Standard Probate Process

A Closer Look at the Standard Probate Process

Filing a Petition

Think of this as ringing the doorbell of the courthouse. To kick off the process, we need to file a petition with the court to officially open the case.

Notification of Heirs

Now, it's time to let everyone in the family know what's happening. The next of kin and any named beneficiaries in the will are informed about these proceedings. It's like sending out a formal 'heads up' to all involved.


This is where the executor or administrator steps in to gather, evaluate and manage all your deceased's possessions–while making sure nothing gets overlooked.

Payment of Debts

Before we can start distributing inheritance, we need to clear the decks. This involves settling any outstanding bills, all the taxes, or even debts that your loved one may have left behind.


Finally, it's time for the remaining resources to find their new homes among the beneficiaries, either according to what's outlined in the will or, if there isn't a will, as per state law.

Your Roadmap to Common Probate Matters

Common Probate Cases

Decoding Wills

Think of a will as a special message from your loved one, detailing their wishes for their assets. My role here is akin to a detective and translator combined. I validate it to ensure it's genuine–no room for fakes here. I also interpret its contents, making sure that everyone understands and respects these final wishes.

Navigating Estates

This part is like conducting a comprehensive inventory check–think of it as organizing a garage sale but with much higher stakes! I identify all these assets, give them a value tag, and then manage their distribution. It surely requires meticulous care, but that's what I'm here for.

Managing Contested Probate

Now, this is where the terrain might get a little rough. Sometimes a beneficiary or the potential heir might dispute the will or how it's being executed. Imagine a family squabble over grandma's secret recipe–everyone believes they're right. In such situations, I step in as a mediator, helping to iron out these disagreements and find a resolution.

Why Choose Boney Law Firm

As an established law firm in Greenwood Village, CO, I don't just offer legal services–I offer a helping hand during your life's most challenging times.

I blend experience, expertise, and empathy to guide you.

With me by your side, you'll surely have your one trusted ally.

" I was most impressed with Brian Boney. Brian is an excellent family law attorney. Attentive, detail-oriented, and hard working. Brian surpassed my expectations for representation. He was easy to work with and gave excellent advice on how to navigate a complicated process Highly recommended. " 



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Having a probate lawyer helping you plan your estate or execute your deceased family member’s will guarantees that the probate process will be handled properly and remain as smooth as possible.

Contested Probate
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