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Expert Lawyer for Parent Mediation Service


Sometimes, even after your divorce or allocation of parental responsibilities (custody) case is over, disputes may arise between you and your co-parent.

When you are likely to experience future conflict, or if you feel you would like a method of resolving these disputes without involving the court, you may want to involve a Parenting Coordinator and/or Decision Maker.

And as an experienced PCDM lawyer, I understand the challenges that can arise. That's why having someone like me on your side can make all the difference.


Neutral Third-Party Assistance

I act as a neutral third party who helps resolve any disputes related to parental responsibilities and even court-ordered guardianship plans. With my assistance, we can work together to achieve fair and beneficial agreements for both you and your co-parent.

Binding Authority

I have the authority to make binding decisions on issues such as parenting time, any specific guardianship decisions as well as child support. When the both of you are unable to reach an agreement, I step in to make the final call to provide a clear resolution and help avoid any prolonged conflicts.

Efficient Conflict Resolution

I streamline the dispute resolution process by acting as both a Parenting Coordinator and Decision-Maker to help both of you to come to an agreement collaboratively. And if this cannot be reached, I make the final decision promptly, ensuring a quicker resolution for both parties involved.

Resolving Parental Disputes with Boney Law Firm


I take the time to understand your case and gather relevant information to address your unique needs and concerns so I can provide you with the best possible guidance.

Identification of Issues

Whether it's visitations, legal decisions, or perhaps child support, my deep understanding enables us to strategize and develop all effective solutions that address each issue head-on.

Collaborative Resolution

This emphasizes open communication, respect, and cooperation as I act as your facilitator, guiding all discussions and negotiations to ensure a productive and favorable resolution, creating a sustainable agreement that both parties can agree upon.

Final Decision

Drawing on my expertise and extensive knowledge of family law, I carefully consider all the relevant factors and make a binding decision that resolves the dispute. Rest assured that my decision will be fair, just, and based on both parties’ best interests.

Court Filings

Once a decision has been reached, I will assist you in preparing the necessary documentation and filing it with the court to ensure it is legally recognized and enforceable. I guarantee it is accurate and complies with all legal requirements–giving you peace of mind.


Statistics show that resolving these kinds of conflicts through alternative dispute resolution methods, such as PCDM, can be more cost-effective and less time-consuming than going to court. By choosing me as your lawyer, you can save both time and money while reaching a fair resolution.

So please don't hesitate to reach out.

Call me at 303-819-8786 and schedule your FREE initial consultation.

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