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Conflict Resolution through Mediation With Law Attorney

Lawyer in Greenwood Village, CO

Facing a conflict that feels overwhelming and seemingly impossible to resolve?

I understand how you feel, and I'm here to tell you that there's a path to settlement that is collaborative, empowering, and centered on mutual understanding: Mediation.

For many years, I've dedicated my professional life to helping individuals like you navigate through their complex disputes. As a trained mediator through the Mediation Association of Colorado, I bring both my expertise and experience to the table. But more importantly, I have an empathetic ear, a commitment to fairness, and a genuine desire to help you find a resolution that works for everyone involved.

How I Can Help with MEDIATION

Expert Guidance

With my years of experience in the field and a deep understanding of the law, I help to significantly sway the outcome towards a more favorable direction. But it's not just about my legal knowledge we're talking about here, but also my understanding of the people involved, their emotions and relationships. I strive to balance these legal and human aspects of mediation, providing you with guidance that respects both.

Neutral Facilitator

As your mediator, I am here to listen to all sides, facilitate, and help you explore all solutions. My goal here is not to dictate the outcome but to manage the process impartially, ensuring both fair and balanced discussions.

Legal Understanding

I understand that some legal jargon can often seem like a foreign language to you, making it difficult to fully understand your case. As your lawyer, I will break down these complex legal terminologies into plain English, ensuring you grasp every aspect of your situation to help you make informed decisions that align with all your best interests

Assurance of Fair Outcomes

One of my core principles of mediation is fairness. That's why I am here committed to ensuring that each process and the final agreement is balanced and equitable. I will make sure your voice is heard and all your rights are protected.

Resolving Disputes Through Mediation
with Boney Law Firm

Expert Mediation Services

Legal Consultation

This is our opportunity to sit down together and discuss your concerns, understand your needs, and gather all the relevant information. This meeting is not just about me understanding your situation, but also about you getting to know me as your mediator to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in my ability to guide you through this process.


During this stage, we'll prioritize all the issues that matter most to you and develop a clear roadmap.


After we've reached an agreement that addresses the issues we've discussed, this is then put into writing and signed by both parties. This documents all the commitments you've made and serves as a tangible reminder of the progress you've achieved through mediation.

Mediation Session

This is not a debate or an argument, but a structured conversation where both parties, guided by me as your mediator, work towards reaching these mutually acceptable solutions and agreements.

Court Filing

We will then present this signed agreement to the court for approval and enforcement. Once approved, this becomes legally binding and carries the same weight as a court order, and can be enforced by law if necessary.

Resolve disputes swiftly and cost-effectively, paving the way for your fresh starts.

Don't delay resolution--Reach Out today.

Let's start with a FREE Initial Consultation.

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