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Managing Contested Probate

Probate disputes can be both uncomfortable and emotionally charged. They're like family disagreements over your grandma's secret recipe. Everyone believes they're right, and the stakes can be high.

As your Greenwood Village probate attorney, I understand how difficult these situations can be. My role here is to step in as your mediator, helping you navigate this challenging terrain and find a resolution that respects everyone's rights and wishes.

How I Can Help

Legal Consultant

Legal Expertise

Every state has its own set of probate laws, and here in Colorado, these can be particularly complex. As your attorney, I've spent years studying and practicing these laws, familiarizing myself with every twist and turn they present. 

My job is to guide you through this maze, ensuring we adhere to every legal requirement. You don't have to worry about missing a step or even taking a wrong turn–I'm here to lead the way.

Dispute Resolution

In these tough situations, disputes among family members or beneficiaries sometimes can’t be avoided–which is understandable, yet such can strain your family relationships and even complicate the process. As your Greenwood Village probate lawyer, I bring my skills as a mediator to the table, helping to resolve these disagreements in a manner that respects both sides.

Remember, our aim here is to honor the final wishes of your loved one, not to create any further discord.

Representing You in Court

If your case proceeds to trial, I will represent all your interests in court, for all your rights, and strive to present the strongest possible conviction and integrity on your behalf.

Guidance and Support

Beyond offering legal advice, I'm here for emotional support, too. I'll guide you through this difficult time with empathy, ensuring you feel heard, understood, and supported. Because at the end of the day, you're not just a client–but a person going through a challenging time.

Militay Divorce

The Colorado Managing Contested Probate Process with Boney Law Firm

Reviewing Legal Agreement

Filing a Contest

Our journey begins at the base of the mountain when a beneficiary or perhaps potential heir decides to contest the will or its execution. A serious decision, yes, and it's very important to understand that it sets in motion a legal process that can be complex. As your probate will lawyer, I'll ensure filing is done correctly and within the prescribed time limits.


Next, we start our climb. A thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the creation and execution of the will. Think of it as gathering the necessary gear for our trek. We'll examine all the details, including all witness testimonies and any other relevant documents.


As we continue our ascent, we come to an attempt to resolve these disputes without reaching the peak of court proceedings. This encourages open communication and as well as mutual agreement. As a skilled mediator, I facilitate these discussions to effectively reach a resolution that respects everyone's rights and wishes.

Court Proceedings

If we cannot find a resolution, we must continue our climb to the peak. This can be tough, but rest assured, I'll represent all your interests strongly and persuasively, using all the evidence we gathered during the investigation to present your case.

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