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Fighting Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges can arise out of unfortunate misunderstandings or even false allegations, leaving the accused facing an uphill battle as they attempt to defend themselves. In fact, even if an alleged victim later recants, changes his or her story, or does not want to press charges, the accused individual can still face a criminal case if prosecutors decide to move forward with it. What can be just as troubling is the fact that even being charged with domestic violence can damage a person’s career, reputation,  and potentially, even his or her family life. As a result, it’s vital that individuals charged with domestic violence have the strongest possible defense in order to minimize their chances of conviction.

Without a solid defense, those accused of domestic violence have an increased risk of being convicted, which can result in both jail time and court-ordered therapy sessions. Additionally, domestic violence convictions can have longer-term (or potentially life-long) consequences, some of which include:

  • Losing the right to own guns and to obtain a hunting license

  • Becoming ineligible to serve in the military

  • Being discharged from the military

  • Losing military pensions

  • Having to comply with the terms of a temporary or permanent restraining order (and potentially losing one’s parental rights)

  • Losing the right to obtain public housing if or when necessary.

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