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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a grave offense in Colorado, with severe consequences that can significantly impact your life. As a matter of fact, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation, in 2019, there were 9,784 DUI arrests in the state, illustrating the rigorous enforcement of laws concerning this (source: Colorado Department of Transportation).

The state does not take its charges lightly, and neither do I. I understand the far-reaching effects a DUI can have on your life. I am ready to do everything I can to minimize those effects for you. So if you are a Colorado resident and have searched for a “ DUI defense attorney near me”, please consider us at The Boney Law Firm. Stay with us for this article and see how we can provide you with the service and protection that you need.

How I Can Help


Expert Knowledge

As a Colorado DUI criminal defense lawyer, I have nearly 17 years of legal experience, much of that spent in courtrooms throughout the state, fighting every level of criminal charges. I know the rules, and standards, as well as all the court procedures down to the tiniest detail–and that's a big plus for your defense.

Protection of Your Rights

Knowing your rights is very important when you're facing criminal charges. As your Greenwood Village Criminal Defense attorney, I'll make sure these are protected throughout the entire legal process.

Negotiation Skills

I've got the negotiation chops to potentially trim down or even dismiss your charges, limit sentencing, or even negotiate a plea bargain.

Strategic Defense

I'll comb through every bit of your case, scoping out those potential defenses and even the loopholes to build a solid case in your favor.

Emotional Support

Beyond my legal support, I am here to give you emotional and psychological assistance, helping you maintain your composure throughout this legal process.

The Colorado DUI Process with Boney Law Firm


Typically the experience begins when an officer pulls you over due to suspicion of impaired driving. This could be because of erratic driving, a traffic violation, or after an accident.

Once stopped, the officer will observe your behavior for any signs of impairment like slurred speech, confusion, or, the most obvious one–the smell of alcohol on your breath. If there's sufficient reason, they will then conduct field sobriety tests and possibly a preliminary alcohol screening, such as a breathalyzer test conducted on the spot or a blood test administered later at the station.

Being taken into custody can be an intimidating experience, but remember, you have rights.

As your Greenwood Village DUI lawyer, my advice would be to exercise the following right. Politely inform the officer that you wish to speak to your attorney before answering any questions.


Following the arrest, you will be arraigned – that is, formally charged. Here, you'll be informed of the charges against you, and you'll have to enter your plea - guilty, not guilty, or no contest.

As your Greenwood Village DUI attorney,  I can help you understand the implications of each plea,  as well as guide you toward the decision that BEST suits your specific circumstances. For instance, pleading guilty might seem like the quickest way to resolve the case, but it could lead to immediate sentencing without even considering any defenses that may be available to you.

Pre-Trial Conference

This is essentially a meeting between your lawyer and the prosecution. An opportunity to discuss the case, exchange evidence, as well as explore potential resolutions before going to trial.

During this, I'll employ my negotiation skills and legal expertise to advocate for you, challenging the validity of the evidence against you, questioning the procedures followed during your arrest, or even highlighting mitigating factors that might sway the case in your favor.

Our goal here is to potentially reduce your charges or penalties. In some cases, we might be able to negotiate a plea bargain in exchange for a lighter sentence. The advantage of this is that it provides certainty–you know exactly what you're getting, and you avoid the risk of a harsher penalty from a trial.

Judge Gavel


If a resolution isn't reached, the case proceeds to trial.

My job here is to challenge the prosecution's evidence, present our own, and create reasonable doubt about your guilt.

I'll leverage my extensive courtroom experience to develop a compelling defense strategy and argue persuasively on your behalf. Whether it's highlighting any procedural errors, questioning the accuracy of the breathalyzer or your blood test, or even bringing in expert witnesses, I'll leave no stone unturned in your defense.


If convicted, sentencing follows, which can include fines, jail time, probation, and more.

First Offense​

Minimum jail time from five days up to one year. The judge has the discretion to suspend the jail time if the offender agrees to an alcohol or drug treatment assessment. A fine ranging from $600 to $1,000, which the judge can suspend. Between 48 and 96 hours of public service, which the judge cannot suspend. License suspension of nine months, but may shorten with interlock restrictions.

Second Offense

Minimum jail time of 10 days up to one year, which the judge may suspend in lieu of sentencing alternatives. A fine ranging from $600 to $1,500, at the court’s discretion. Between 48 and 120 hours of public service. Possible probation of up to two years, depending on other sentencing and programs. License suspension of one year. Interlock restricted license for two years.

Third Offense

Minimum jail time of 60 days up to one year, which the judge may not suspend. A fine ranging from $600 to $1,500, at the court’s discretion. Between 48 and 120 hours of public service. Possible probation of up to two years, depending on other sentencing and programs. License suspension of two years. Interlock restricted license for at least two years.

After Third Offense

After a third offense, any further related offense becomes a Level Four felony. Aggravating factors can increase the penalties at any level.

Even if your BAC test came back over the legal limit, do not assume your situation is hopeless. You do have defense strategies available to you, and I will fight for your rights.

Contact Boney Law Firm today and let us start building your robust defense.

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