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Custody & Child Support

Protecting Children in Custody Cases

As an experienced attorney in Greenwood Village, Colorado, I understand the ins and outs of Colorado law when it comes to custody and child support cases. Cases like these require special care to shield your child from one of the most traumatizing times of their life.

That is why my top priority is to always make sure that children's needs are met, not only as a litigating lawyer but also representing them as a child and family investigator and a guardian ad litem. 


How I Can Help You

My expertise covers several aspects of custody and child support including:

Child Custody & Visitation

I am fully aware that determining your custody arrangements can be an emotionally charged process. That's why I'm here to help you review your situation, explain your rights and options, and also guide you through the negotiation or litigation process to establish a fair and workable custody arrangement that serves the best interests of your children.

Child Support

The Colorado Child Support Guidelines take into account the parents’ incomes, the number of children, how many nights the children spend with each parent, the cost of child care, health care, and more.

With me by your side, I'll make sure that the court has all your accurate information to calculate a fair and appropriate support amount for your children.


Juvenile and domestic relations courts in Colorado both have the ability to order DNA testing to determine the biological parents of a child. I can help with these processes, even if your case involves unique circumstances, such as a child over the age of 5 or other parental laws.

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Let’s develop a strategy that makes sure that your children's best interests are at the heart of every decision.

" I was most impressed with Brian Boney. Brian is an excellent family law attorney. Attentive, detail-oriented, and hard working. Brian surpassed my expectations for representation. He was easy to work with and gave excellent advice on how to navigate a complicated process Highly recommended. " 



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