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According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, over 120,000 adoptions took place in the United States in the year 2020 alone–signifying the magnitude of hope and love that it brings to countless families each year.

As an experienced Greenwood Village family attorney, I understand the intricacies of adoption law in Colorado and am here committed to guiding you. I believe that this is more than just a legal process, but an act of love that can forever change lives.

How I Can Help


​I am well versed in the following:

  • Step-Parent Adoption

  • Same-Sex Adoption

  • Adoption from Foster Care

  • Adult Adoption


With me by your side, know that you're not alone.


The process certainly involves a myriad of legal procedures and paperwork, which can make you often feel overwhelmed.

From deciphering legal jargon to understanding fully the fine print on documents, I'll be by your side to ensure all these forms are filled out correctly and, at the same time, submitted on time, making every legal requirement met with precision.

I'll also take the time to explain each process in a language you understand, so you feel empowered and informed.

Protection of Your Rights

Whether it's advocating for you in court, negotiating terms with birth parents or agencies, or ensuring fair treatment during home studies, I'll work tirelessly to protect your rights. I'll make sure that all procedures are carried out both ethically and legally so you stand on solid ground.

Conflict Resolution

The process can sometimes come with unforeseen complications or disputes. And in such cases,  I'll help resolve any of these to keep you on track. Whether it's mediating between parties or even contesting objections in court, I'll leverage my expertise to ensure your journey to parenthood continues smoothly.

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The Colorado Adoption Process with Boney Law Firm

Termination of Biological Parent's Right

A necessary prerequisite before a non-biological parent can adopt a child.

According to Colorado law, these rights must either be voluntarily relinquished by the biological parent(s) or terminated by the court due to specific circumstances, like neglect, or abuse. This step ensures that the child's best interests are protected and as well as paves the way for you as a prospective adoptive parent(s) to legally assume the role of you as the parent.

Vetting Process

Once the termination of parental rights is complete, you as a prospective adoptive parent(s) must undergo three background checks, fingerprinting, and a home visit, as required by Colorado adoption laws to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the child.

I will help you prepare for this–providing you with guidance on what to expect and as well as how to navigate any potential challenges through these very specific procedures.

Legal Finalization

This officially establishes you as the legal parent(s) of the child, granting you all the rights, responsibilities, as well as the privileges that come with a parent by birth. This means that as an adoptive parent, you will be able to make financial, medical, and educational decisions for and on behalf of your child.

Ensuring that all legal formalities are correctly handled, I'll be by your side during this momentous occasion.

Why Choose Boney Law Firm Towards Your Family's Future


As an experienced Greenwood Village Family Lawyer, I bring years of expertise and processes that allow me to provide you with clear guidance, informed advice, and effective representation.

Personalized Service

Whether it's international, a step-parent adoption, or, say, adopting through foster care, I effectively adjust my approach based on your situation. I take the time to understand your needs, hopes, and all of your concerns, crafting a legal strategy that truly aligns with your family's unique journey.

Emotional Support

I make sure you feel heard, understood, and as well as supported throughout. We celebrate your joys, empathize with your anxieties, and ultimately stand by you during any challenges that could arise.

So if you and your partner are ready, let me be there to guide you.

Please don't hesitate to call for your FREE consultation.

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