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Wills and Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a complex process involving more than just drafting a will. It requires careful navigation of all your assets, their valuation, and their eventual distribution. It's like organizing a high-stakes garage sale, which truly demands both meticulous care and attention.

As your experienced Greenwood Village probate lawyer, I understand all the intricacies involved and am here to guide you every step of the way.


What You Need To Know: Wills & Estates

In the unfortunate event of death or incapacitation, estate planning is about having a legal plan in place to account for your assets and care that will accomplish these goals (among others):​

  • Name the people or organizations that will receive the things you own after you die.

  • Transfer the things you own with the least amount of taxes, court costs, and legal fees, and without disqualifying family members with special needs from other benefits.

  • Provide loved ones with special protections from irresponsible waste, creditors, and/or divorce.

And if ever you become incapacitated before death, this may also include instructions for both your care and financial affairs. It can also safeguard and control your children's inheritance and name guardians for your children's care.

Your will can include:

  • Naming who receives what property.

  • The selection of the personal representative of your estate.

  • Address the payment of any taxes and debts.

  • Address burial and funeral expenses.

  • Name a guardian for your minor child(ren).

Colorado law also requires that wills be created with certain formalities, such as:

  • The Testator be at least 18 years old;

  • The Testator be of sound mind;

  • The will be in writing;

  • The will be signed by the Testator or signed by an appointed person of the Testator;

  • The will be signed and witnessed by two impartial parties; and

  • They will be notarized.

Remember that when you pass, your loved ones will be going through an emotional time, and there will be added stress in having to deal with the legalities of your estate.  That's why having a well-drafted will can be your last gift to them.

How I Can Help

While the BEST defense strategies will still depend on the specifics of your case, in general, potential arguments can include:

Probate Attorney Consultation

Expertise in Estate Laws

Every state has its own set of probate laws, and here in Colorado, these can be particularly complex. As your attorney, I've spent years studying and practicing these laws, familiarizing myself with every twist and turn they present. 

My job is to guide you through this maze, ensuring we adhere to every legal requirement. You don't have to worry about missing a step or even taking a wrong turn--I'm here to lead the way.

Asset Identification and Valuation

A critical step in estate planning. Some may be easy to find; others may be hidden or not immediately recognizable. As your experienced probate attorney, I know how to find them, accurately identify them, and place a fair value on them,  leading to a fair and equitable distribution.

Dispute Resolution

In these tough situations, disputes among family members or beneficiaries can't sometimes be avoided–which is understandable, yet such can strain family relationships and complicate the process. That's why as your Greenwood Village probate lawyer, I bring my skills as a mediator to the table, ensuring a smooth estate settlement process.


Decoding Wills

Understanding Legal Jargon

As your probate lawyer, I will break down these into plain English to help you fully grasp what's written, what it means for you, and how it impacts the distribution of the assets.

Ensuring Fair Distribution

I meticulously review every detail, cross-referencing it with all our relevant state laws to guarantee that everything is clearly above board. My goal here is to honor your dear one's final requests fairly and per Colorado law.

Legal Guidance

Aside from reading and interpreting its contents, there are some necessary documents to be filed, deadlines to meet, and evidently–legal procedures to follow. Whether it's for filing with our local probate court or notifying all creditors and beneficiaries, I'm here to ensure that each requirement is met efficiently and on time.

The Colorado Process With Boney Law Firm


Filing & Validating of Will

After a loved one's passing, their will must be filed with the probate court to serve as a roadmap, outlining their wishes for their estate. As your probate will lawyer, I ensure this filing process is handled promptly and accurately, respecting both the timeline set by the court and as well as the intentions of your loved one.

For Decoding Wills, I meticulously examine every detail of the document, checking for signatures, all witnesses, and other essential elements to establish its authenticity and that it meets all legal requirements set by Colorado law.

Appointment of the Executor

The court then appoints an executor to oversee the administration of the estate, who is essentially the driver of our journey, and responsible for steering the process. If you've been appointed, I'll be right beside you, providing guidance and support to help you fulfill your duties responsibly and efficiently.

Inventory of Assets

These could include everything from all real estate properties and vehicles down to bank accounts, investments, and all personal belongings. This is challenging, yes, but I'll ensure each of these is accounted for and valued correctly.

Paying Debts and Taxes

Before we can distribute anything, we first need to settle any outstanding debts or taxes the deceased may have left behind, like paying off their mortgages, all their credit card debts, or any medical bills, as well as settling any estate taxes due. I'll assist you in identifying these obligations and ensuring they are paid from the estate in both a timely and legally compliant manner.

Distributing Assets

This involves executing all the instructions laid out in the will, ensuring that each beneficiary receives what is intended for them. A somewhat bittersweet moment, as it marks our final step in honoring your loved one's last wishes.

And remember, you don't have to do this alone. I am here for you providing compassionate and efficient legal services to help ease your burden during this difficult time.

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